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Why the Hostility Toward the Church?Steve NorrisColossians 2:1-7Sunday,
April 13, 2014
FOUNDATIONS: How Do We Know?Essential Bible TeachingsSteve NorrisSunday,
April 6, 2014
Jesus Is TruthSteve NorrisJohn 8:32Sunday,
March 30, 2014
House of GodSteve NorrisJohn 14:1-3Sunday,
March 23, 2014
Let The Beauty of Jesus Be Seen In MeSteve Norris2 Cor. 3:18Sunday,
March 16, 2014
Take Up Your CrossNick StarnesSunday,
March 9, 2014
FOUNDATIONS: Imagery and Implication of BaptismEssential Bible TeachingsSteve NorrisRomans 6:1-4Sunday,
March 2, 2014
When What Should Becomes What IsSteve NorrisJohn 13:1-20Sunday,
February 23, 2014
A Place To BelongSteve NorrisLuke 7:36-50Sunday,
February 16, 2014
Conversation With GodSteve Norris1 Thes. 5:17Sunday,
February 9, 2014
FOUNDATIONS: Grace and TruthEssential Bible TeachingsSteve NorrisJohn 1:14-18Sunday,
February 2, 2014
Give Me The BibleTeaching Our ChildrenSteve NorrisDeut. 6:6-9Sunday,
January 26, 2014
Living In CommunitySteve NorrisRomans 12:9-13Sunday,
January 19, 2014
Investing In OthersSteve Norris1 Thes. 5:14-19Sunday,
January 12, 2014
FOUNDATIONS: The ChurchEssential Bible TeachingsSteve NorrisSunday,
January 5, 2014
A New StartSteve NorrisSunday,
December 29, 2013
All I Want For Christmas Is JoySteve NorrisMt. 1:18-21Sunday,
December 22, 2013
Keeping Our Joy Through The StruggleSteve Norris2 Cor. 4:1-18Sunday,
December 15, 2013
Finding Joy In The JourneySteve NorrisSunday,
December 8, 2013
Imitating Our GodResponding to the Glory of GodSteve NorrisEphesians 1:11-14Sunday,
December 1, 2013
Building UpdateVarious SpeakersSunday,
December 1, 2013
I Have Gifts To BringWorshipSteve NorrisJohn 4:24Sunday,
November 24, 2013
The FatherThe Tale of Two SonsSteve NorrisLuke 15:11-32Sunday,
November 17, 2013
The Elder BrotherThe Tale of Two SonsSteve NorrisLuke 15:11-32Sunday,
November 10, 2013
The Prodigal: A Story of Tragedy Turned to TriumphThe Tale of Two SonsSteve NorrisLuke 15:11-32Sunday,
November 3, 2013
The Tale of Two Sons - Part ISteve NorrisLuke 15:11-32Sunday,
October 27, 2013
Welcome To RealityJonathan ColvinMicah 6:6-8Sunday,
October 20, 2013
Christians Seek TruthProud To Be A ChristianSteve NorrisJohn 8:32Sunday,
October 13, 2013
We Speak Where The Bible SpeaksProud To Be A ChristianSteve NorrisPsalm 119:97-106Sunday,
October 6, 2013
We Trust In the Word of GodProud To Be A ChristianSteve NorrisSunday,
September 29, 2013
Love Is The Sign of My ChristianityProud To Be A ChristianSteve Norris1 Cor. 13; John 13:34-35Sunday,
September 22, 2013
A Church That Will GrowNick StarnesActs 2:41-49Sunday,
September 15, 2013
I Believe - Help My UnbeliefProud To Be A ChristianSteve NorrisMt. 9:27-31; Mk. 9:24Sunday,
September 8, 2013
Sexual EthicsEthics of LifeDr. Phil ThompsonSunday,
September 1, 2013
The Inclusive Nature of the Exclusive JesusProud To Be A ChristianSteve NorrisJohn 14:6Sunday,
September 1, 2013
The Power of the GospelProud To Be A ChristianSteve NorrisRomans 1:16Sunday,
August 25, 2013
Enhancement of Life - Improving Human PerformanceEthics of LifeDr. Phil ThompsonSunday,
August 25, 2013
Euthanasia and Physician Assisted SuicideEthics of LifeDr. Phil ThompsonSunday,
August 18, 2013
God Is Still The AnswerSteve NorrisSunday,
August 18, 2013
The Good SamaritanJonathan ColvinLuke 10:25-37Sunday,
August 11, 2013
Heaven: It's What You've Been Waiting ForSteve NorrisJohn 14:1-4Sunday,
August 4, 2013
The Pew and You: Finding Your Place In the ChurchNick StarnesSaturday,
August 3, 2013
GraceSteve NorrisSunday,
July 28, 2013
The Good News and Bad NewsSteve NorrisSunday,
July 21, 2013
Approved by GodSteve NorrisSunday,
July 14, 2013
Ask, Seek, KnockSteve NorrisMatthew 7:7-11Sunday,
July 7, 2013
Aaron's BlessingSteve NorrisNumbers 6:22-27Sunday,
June 30, 2013
A Tough Night To Be A DiscipleSteve NorrisMatthew 26Sunday,
June 23, 2013
Ethics at the Beginning of LifeEthics of LifeDr. Phil ThompsonSunday,
June 23, 2013
King of AllSteve NorrisCol. 1:15-29Sunday,
June 16, 2013
FriendlinessSteve NorrisJohn 13:34-35Sunday,
June 16, 2013
Life As RelationshipSteve Norris1 Peter 3:8-12Sunday,
June 9, 2013
Spiritual HealthSteve Norris1 Peter 4:7-10Sunday,
June 9, 2013
Ethics In A Brave New WorldEthics of LifeDr. Phil ThompsonSunday,
June 2, 2013
When The Bible Is Silent On A Moral IssueEthics of LifeDr. Phil ThompsonSunday,
June 2, 2013
Human Dignity In A Biotech AgeEthics of LifeDr. Phil ThompsonSunday,
June 2, 2013
Life As It Should BeSteve NorrisEphesians 4:25-32Sunday,
May 26, 2013
My New SelfSteve NorrisEphesians 4:17-24Sunday,
May 19, 2013
A Mother's LoveSteve NorrisJohn 19:23-27Sunday,
May 12, 2013
Building Up the BodySteve NorrisEphesians 4:11-16Sunday,
May 5, 2013
Everything I NeedSteve Norris2 Peter 1:3-11Sunday,
April 28, 2013
Open His EyesSteve Norris2 Kings 6:16-17Sunday,
April 21, 2013
The Teachings of JesusSteve NorrisMatt. 5:17-48Sunday,
April 14, 2013
Resilience - Rebound From AdversitySteve Norris2 Cor. 4:7-12Sunday,
April 7, 2013
God's Only OptionSteve NorrisJohn 14:6Sunday,
March 31, 2013
Whose Wife Will She Be?Questions From The SkepticsSteve NorrisMatt. 22:23-33Sunday,
March 24, 2013
Which Is The Greatest Command Of The Law?Questions From The SkepticsSteve NorrisMatt. 22:34-40Sunday,
March 17, 2013
Speaking A Common Spiritual LanguageNick StarnesActs 17:16-34Sunday,
March 10, 2013
Why Do You Think Evil In Your Hearts?Questions From The SkepticsSteve NorrisMatthew 9:1-8Sunday,
March 3, 2013
Is It Lawful To Heal On The Sabbath?Questions From The SkepticsSteve NorrisMatt. 12:9-14Sunday,
February 24, 2013
What Is Truth?Questions From The SkepticsSteve NorrisJohn 18:33-38Sunday,
February 17, 2013
Who Is My Neighbor?Questions From The SkepticsSteve NorrisLuke 10:30-37Sunday,
February 10, 2013
Love Bank & Love Busters / 5 Ways To Kill Your MarriageStrong Marriages SeminarTrey MorganSaturday,
February 9, 2013
Sex & Intimacy In MarriageStrong Marriages SeminarTrey MorganSaturday,
February 9, 2013
Marriage Myths / 10 Things Your Spouse Wishes You Would DoStrong Marriages SeminarTrey MorganFriday,
February 8, 2013
A Story of RedemptionSteve NorrisEphesians 1:3-10Sunday,
February 3, 2013
SimplifyAn Ordered LlifeSteve Norris1 Tim. 6:6-10Saturday,
January 26, 2013
ServeAn Ordered LifeSteve NorrisMk. 10:45Sunday,
January 20, 2013
PrayerAn Ordered LifeSteve NorrisLuke 11:9-10Sunday,
January 13, 2013

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